Striving to achieve the extraordinary

BlockTraders was created with the objective of creating a platform for investors to enter and participate in the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of potentially high returns.

Leveraging off blockchain technology, BlockTraders enables investors to invest their funds with the potential of converting these fiat funds into digital stores of value.

Our performance has surpassed the growth of conventional financial instruments through our specialized and intricate knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

The world has undergone a fourth industrial revolution, with cyber-industrial products becoming the norm. Your essay writers investment strategy should therefore, at a minimum, keep pace with this movement. Our aim is to achieve monumental returns through aggressive, yet secure, asset trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto Live Exchange Rates

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We pursue long-term returns without taking undue risks

R 1,000 invested in 2013 would be worth today (30 June 2018):
5 Years

R 10 928 775,95

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Not since the industrial revolution has our current economy undergone such a drastic change. The lines between physical products or services and the digital economy have become blurred, giving rise to a new world of financial opportunities. Emerging technologies have changed the rules, the role players and the regulatory landscape, creating opportunities for a new generation of economic leaders.

The traditional means of investment have been disrupted by the creation of decentralized digital currencies.

What is Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency operates independently from a Central Bank. The currency uses a variety of digital encryptions to generate units of currency as well as validation of the transfer of funds.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a name for a specific cryptocurrency. Developed in 2008 as a means of peer-to-peer money transfer, Bitcoin has become the most popular form of cryptocurrency. Unlike regulated currency which is centralized with a controlled price, Bitcoin was one of the first digital currencies that operated without any Central Bank regulation.

Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized, one of the biggest challenges with adopting a decentralised digital currency was managing the “double-spend” scenario, where someone spent the same cryptocurrency more than once. Bitcoin was able to build a system that allowed users to spend currency digitally and regulate its generation in a decentralized system.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous developer behind Bitcoin created a system that was able to regulate the spending of digital cash through digital encryption methods that allowed for a decentralized approach and created consensus between those involved.

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